Black Seamed Stockings by What Katie Did
Black Seamed Stockings by What Katie Did
Black Seamed Stockings by What Katie Did
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Black Seamed Stockings by What Katie Did

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Black seamed stockings are one of the most iconic items of clothing from the 20th century, instantly adding intrigue and glamour to your ensemble.

Our Retro Seamed Stockings are made in Italy which is the heart of quality hosiery manufacturing. The seam is crisp, slender and elegant - all the better to show off your pins.

* Semi opaque seamed stockings to keep you warm on cooler days
* Deep retro style welt with point heel
* Made from stretch nylon and elastane for ease of fit
* Made in Italy, the home of traditional hosiery manufacturing

For an authentic 1940s and 1950s look neutral seams are an essential part of your look. Nude seams were worn during the day in the '40s and '50s, and our sheer 15 denier nylons come in three shades of nude: champagne, nutmeg and coffee, to cover a wide variety of skintones.

For evening wear things got a little more dramatic with black and contrast seamed stockings appearing for cocktail hour. Create the perfect 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' look by pairing our sheer black seamed stockings with a little black dress, or heighten the drama further with our contrasting black seamed nylons.

Our Glamour Seamed Stockings are generously sized and comfortably fit up to a UK dress size 18. Our Curve Seamed Stockings fit up to a 26, so it's time to turn on the glamour!


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